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• Residential Rough Carpentry
1. Local and National Home Builders 
2. Local Custom Home Builders 
3. Owner/Builder Customers 

• Commercial Rough Carpentry

1. Local and National Commercial Contractors
2. Local Developers
3. Commercial Rehabilitation Projects

• Remodeling

We provide a various homeowner consumer service from Major interior re design to simply any and all request in Remodeling

• Assistance in Conceptual Design Build

At J. A Framing in building a partnership with our clients we can offer in the design stage of their projects cost assessments with all types of conceptual design work with Architects and Engineers.

• Client Assistance with Project Budgeting

We offer this unique portion to our trade partnering to our ongoing clients to assist their Estimating departments when requested to budget a first run on project Documents and Plans. By in review of them we work behind the scenes with our vendors to provide price point to assist in keeping our clients and there’s within a budgeted foresight.